The Ella Breast Pump

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The Ella is the latest innovation from Mumilk and this Australian wearable breast pump brings the best of the PRO model along with some great new upgrades. 

The Ella is lighter, quieter, and because the motor sits within the shell, it is much more discrete - your colleagues won't know it is there!

The Ella is easier to assemble than ever with less parts than its predecessors. This also means fewer parts to replace and clean! 

Designed with feet on the milk collector, so it can stand upright when not in use. 

The Ella has an easy-to-read LCD screen, showing time spent pumping as well as levels of suction - it's a game changer!

The pumps come individually. If you need 2, you need to select QTY 2. A 15% discount will apply for Twin Packs. 

Please note, depending on the frequency of your pumping
sessions, you may look at replacing the silicone parts (valve, diaphragm and flange) every 3 months.


3 modes: massage, suction and automatic (combination of massage and suction modes)-12 adjustable levels of suction

Capacity: 180ml / 6oz

 Easy to use: The different parts of the pump are very easy to put together. There are less parts in the Ella model than the previous versions. 

Mumilk breast pump has been designed to be easy to carry, wear and use.

2 size options: You can choose between our 2 Flange nipple sizes options: 24mm/27mm. These are 2 standard sizes that have been designed to fit Australian women's breasts. You can also purchase smaller inserts separately. 17mm, 19mm or 21mm.

USB charged: Conveniently charged by USB-C, the Mumilk breast pump comes with a charging cord. All you'll need is a standard 5V-1A or 5V-2A power adapter. The charging time is about 2hrs.

Vacuum range: up to 320mmHg

70-80 minutes usage time
20 minutes auto shut off


motor: 70mm x 120mm x 110mm
assembled: 200g

BPA free - food-grade material

The Mumilk breast pump is easy to assemble & disassemble, wash, and sterilise. DO NOT PLACE ANY PART IN THE DISHWASHER

The pumping motor, USB charging cord and bra adjustment buckle shouldn't be washed or sterilised.

The Motor MUST BE REMOVED before pouring out milk. Failure to do so could lead to milk entering the motor. 

If you need a smaller size, we also offer smaller flange inserts (15mm, 17mm, 19mm and 21mm)

how to choose your flange size chart
woman teaching how to measure nipple size

Customer Reviews

Based on 324 reviews
Shyneikka (Sydney, AU)

It is easy to use and so efficient! I love being about to get stuff done whilst pumping


Love it so far

Sandra (Melbourne, AU)
Game changing

I never get much out of expressing with breast pumps, including the hospital grade ones but with the Ella I'm getting double or even triple, even just from single pumping! Also loving the fact that I can spend a bit of time with my older children and express at the same time.

Arianah (Perth, AU)
Hassle Free

Going back to work and did not fancy loosing valuable working time stuck sat down with no free hands. These pumps have been brilliant in allowing me to pump while getting ready, on the car drives, and while at work. Easy to set up, storage bag is excellent to slip into my bag, and I get a great amount of milk every time. I have used the pump for 3, 20 minute sessions without recharging and the battery has not been a problem. Easy to pour milk straight from the pump and into a container. Definitely recommend!

Melissa Paice (Perth, AU)
Game changer

The Ella hands free pump is simply amazing! With my first baby I had a traditional plug in pump that was such a pain to take to and from work. Not to mention being stuck to a power outlet. With my second baby, decided to buy the Ella originally for my friends wedding so I could easily pump on the go. It was so shocked at how good it was and how much I could pump in such a short time. Now I’m back at work, I can easily and discreetly pump at my desk and no one would know! So much easier to transport and clean too. Love it!