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Hands-Free Wearable Pumps

Discover Mumilk, Australia's #1 choice for Wearable Breast Pumps.
Bake yourself a cake, do your nails, walk the dog, play with your bub and express your liquid gold at the same time.
Our high-quality range of pumps allows thousands of busy mums to pump anywhere, anytime .
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Hands-Free Wearable Pump

Our new model has just landed!

When nothing but the best will do - the ultimate pumping experience.

Suction range up to 320mmHg and 12 suction levels!

The Pro

Our Most Popular Pump

More compact, quieter, more powerful and even more discreet than original model,

Suction range up to 300mmHg and 12 suction levels!

Breast Pump Parts

Whether you're looking for replacement parts, our Mumilk breast pump spare parts include the necessary components to continue using your pump. We have included 24mm or 27mm flange sizes that fit the nipple. Our Mumilk flanges and every other part are BPA-free and food-grade silicone that is easy to use, wash, and sterilise.