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How to Use an Electric Breast Pump?

First, assemble the pump and its accessories. Then, place the breast shields over your nipples, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Start the pump at a low suction level and gradually adjust it to your comfort level. Turn on the wearable breast pump and let it work while you go about your day. Once done, remove the breast shields and store or feed the expressed milk as needed.

Do Electric Breast Pumps Hurt?

Generally, using electric breast pumps shouldn’t cause pain when used correctly. Ensure the breast shield fits properly and the suction levels are adjusted to your comfort. If pain occurs, assess pump settings and shield fit or consult with a lactation consultant when necessary.

How Long Should I Use the Portable Breast Pump?

Some mums may need 30 minutes or more to yield a good amount of breast milk, especially in the early days of pumping. Generally, however, it’s best to pump for at least 15-30 per session or until your breasts are no longer releasing milk.

How Often Should I Sanitise My Breast Pump?

To maintain hygiene, thoroughly wash your breast pump after every use and sterilise it at least once daily to reduce bacterial growth. Do this for all the breast pump parts except the pumping motor, USB charging cord, and bra adjustment buckle. Follow the product instructions on proper cleaning to avoid damage.

Can I Reuse My Breast Pump Without Washing?

We recommend thoroughly washing and cleaning the breast pump parts after every use to protect your little ones from germs. Bacteria can grow and accumulate in the breast milk residues. Proper cleaning and sanitation of breast pumps and other feeding items help reduce the risk of contamination but can also help preserve the nutrients and protective properties of breast milk.