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Don’t give a second thought, just buy it

Absolutely love it, get the same output even more than my hospital grade pump and so easy to use and clean.

The Ella - Portable Single Electric Breast Pump
Elyce Lombardo (Glendon Brook, AU)
New mum level unlocked

I’m so thrilled with my Ella pumps. I got the double set and I was able to vacuum the whole house WHILE pumping. I needed something I could use hands free that was relatively quiet but still gets good output. I used to have an agent pump which was great on output but very loud and not hands free so this is a definite upgrade. I also used to use the avent on the highest setting and don’t have to do that with the Ella.
I got the 17mm and 19mm flanges because I have 15mm nipples and I feel like the smaller one is a little bit more comfortable but both work fine.
Very happy. 100% recommend

Mumilk Pro Breast Pump
Lisa (Sydney, AU)
Super efficient pump!

I bought these pumps to use at work, they work just as well (if not better) for me than my old big pump that I had to plug into the wall. Such a relief to be able to do things while pumping and still get great output!!


Absolutely love it.

Flange Insert
Jana Amos (Melbourne, AU)
Great Fit

Love that these are clear, simple to use and make pumping very comfortable. Great for anyone who needs to size down.


I purchased these for my wife and OMG!! They are a game changer. She now has full freedom and mobility while pumping,

Note: make sure you get the right size flange as it can cause friction burns.

Mumilk Pro Breast Pump
Ganga (Parramatta, AU)
Game changer

I never thought these pump gonna work but I’m amazed how milk get collected in short time. It is very convenient & easy to use & is really a game changer. I like to recommend these to every new mom, makes life easier. Thank u🙏🏻

Mumilk Pro Breast Pump
Melissa (Melbourne, AU)
Back to work

In the return to work mindset back in April, I didn't want to just end my breastfeeding journey with my last bubba just because of work. The search for being able to have my allocated break times and still produce milk for bubba began and ended down the portable wearable pump track. I've enjoyed the pro for going on 2 months and am surprised by how much it gets. Took me a little while to get used to and find a pumping routine that worked. The high continuous suction can take your breath away for a second though it subsides or just turn it down. I generally take one clean pump to work with the two motors just in case then switch out the pumps each day.


The pump is amazing but the customer service is even better. The lovely ladies that work behind the scenes have just been incredible. They are lovely to talk to, their replies are super quick, and they are more than helpful.
Thank you so much for showing support as well as making perfect products!

The BEST pumps!

These pumps have been a lifesaver! I have used them for my whole pumping journey and they haven’t failed. I get a great output with them, they are super comfortable and they are amazingly quiet! I wear them to work and no one knows I’m pumping!
I also have the travel case, dust protectors and the storage bottles. They are all amazing and I highly recommend them to all my mum friends. You won’t be disappointed!
Thank you for making such amazing products and for helping mums like me with our pumping journeys xo

These are amazing!

Bought two of these for exclusive pumping and they are amazing! Comfortable, quiet and so easy to use. They’re very easy to assemble and clean too. Wouldn’t have been able to keep pumping for my little one if it wasn’t for these. Will be recommending to my friends!

Mumilk Pro Breast Pump
NG (Melbourne, AU)
not for me

It didn't work for me. I ordered the 27mm ones. It didn't extracted the amount of milk compared to my handled ones. I finally gave up after a few retries.

Mumilk Breast Pump
R.B. (Sydney, AU)
You get what you pay for! Quality

I love this product! I got gifted one for my baby shower & after trialing the one decided I needed another.
The 20min timing is perfect, easy to wash. I had an issue with one of them at the beginning where the suction wasn’t working but the staff were quick to post me out a replacement one.
Highly recommend for Mummas who are exclusively pumping and bottle feeding!


So happy with this pump!
Comfortable to wear and I love that it's hands free.
Easy to use and I get great output
Only deducting one star because I feel like the travel case and dust covers should be included as a package, not as an extra cost.
The dust covers could also be more secure. They don't stay on very well.
But overall, SO happy with the pump!

Mumilk Baby Milk Bottles
Tahnee Leeson (Perth, AU)
Adorable Bottles

Received these absolutely adorable bottles. I ordered 12 pink bottles, as they were on sale. I was very very surprised with the packaging it comes in, it’s cutely displayed! Bottles super easy to hold with one hand, even my toddler was fond to hold them with 1 hand to help feed our newborn. Quality is worth the money! Wish they had them in larger size as they only come in 150ml.


So convenient for use. They got me through a bump in the road for my breastfeeding journey. I pumped full time for 3 weeks and these were great and I was able to increase milk supply. The flange rubbed a little atfirst, but maybe I had the wrong size? But easy to clean and sterilize and pretty compact.


After 3 kids that I couldn’t breastfeed with this is a life saver for my 4th who I can breastfeed with and having this machine to help get more supply is amazing love the product

The Ella - Portable Single Electric Breast Pump
Stephanie Perkins (Maitland, AU)

I had issues with supply and was getting low amounts that were only diminishing. I used this for a day and a half and already saw a significant difference. The suction is good and the pump stays on. I did try reputable branded manual pump which wasn't effective.
So glad I went with the ella pump! Worth every cent.

It will change your life

Was stuck to the couch using a hospital grade breast pump until a midwife suggested “The Ella by Mumilk” and it has changed my life. I am able to express the same volume if not more and it takes multitasking to a whole new level. I would recommend to anyone. However I will say postage was absurdly slow, i also ordered the wrong flange size and needed to order a new size, which also took soooo long to arrive. That was the most frustrating part. For something that can relieve women from their anxiety and make such a difference, the postage should be so much faster!

Super convenient

I really like this pump! Works really well and is easy to use. Not quite as strong/quick as the hospital grade pump I hired, BUT is worth it as I’ve gained so much time back in my day now that I’m not tethered to the machine.

Travel Case
B.S. (Sydney, AU)
A handy helper

A good sized case to fit the pump and all of its parts!

So convenient!!

This pump is perfect! I just pop it on and choose my settings and away it goes, allowing me to still do things with my hands. The pour spout is perfect with no spills, and cleaning is very easy with a small number of parts.

Game changer!

This pump is an absolute game changer for my partner, she exclusively expresses and bottle-feed our baby so this has been so good that she has now bought a second one, she pumps while driving, working, buzzing around the house etc! She truly believes it's helped her milk supply. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a pump!

Flange Insert
Julie R. (Melbourne, AU)

The Mumilk Ella has given me so much freedom since having to express exclusively. I love the fact it has minimal parts to wash, it’s compact, has a time display, easy to pour into a bottle, self standing, and great design! Highly recommend

Mumilk Breast Pump
Olivia Pettigrew (Sydney, AU)

Love this breast pump so easy place it in your bra and off you go great for busy mums and mums that don't like just sitting down😊