Mumilk Breast Pump

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Treat yourself with our revolutionary hands-free wearable breast pump.

Every Mum deserves the freedom and convenience to go on about her day while expressing her liquid gold for bub.

Light, discreet, cordless and extremely efficient, our Pump has made 1000's of Aussie mums happy!

Please note: We recommend users to change their silicone parts regularly. Depending on the frequency of your pumping sessions, you may look at replacing: the diaphragm every 6 to 8 weeks; the valve every 4 to 5 weeks; the flange every 5 months

The pumps come individually. If you need 2, you need to select QTY 2. A 15% discount will apply for Twin Packs. 

2 modes: massage & suction - 5 adjustable levels of suction

Capacity: 180ml / 6oz

 Easy to use: The different parts of the pump are very easy to put together.

Mumilk breast pump has been designed to be easy to carry, wear and use.

2 size options: You can choose between our 2 Flange nipple sizes options: 24mm/27mm. These are 2 standard sizes that have been designed to fit Australian women breasts. 

USB charged: Conveniently charged by micro-USB, the Mumilk breast pump comes with a charging cord. All you'll need is a standard 5V-1A or 5V-2A power adapter. The charging time is about 2hrs.

Vacuum range: up to 280mmHg

60-70 minutes usage time
20 minutes auto shut off


motor: 78mm x 55mm x 53mm ; 142g

assembled: 239g

BPA free - food grade material

The Mumilk breast pump is easy to assemble & disassemble, wash, and sterilise. DOT NOT PLACE ANY PART IN THE DISHWAHER

The pumping motor, USB charging cord and bra adjustment buckle shouldn't be washed or sterilised.



change flange chart guide
woman teaching how to measure nipple size

Customer Reviews

Based on 364 reviews
R.B. (Sydney, AU)
You get what you pay for! Quality

I love this product! I got gifted one for my baby shower & after trialing the one decided I needed another.
The 20min timing is perfect, easy to wash. I had an issue with one of them at the beginning where the suction wasn’t working but the staff were quick to post me out a replacement one.
Highly recommend for Mummas who are exclusively pumping and bottle feeding!

Olivia Pettigrew (Sydney, AU)

Love this breast pump so easy place it in your bra and off you go great for busy mums and mums that don't like just sitting down😊

hanna (Perth, AU)

Bought one 5 weeks ago and the suction’s effectiveness wears out. it’s very unpredictable because sometimes the suction would be great but other times i also need to keep adjusting parts just to get that output. i always make sure to dry the parts and assemble them properly but still hard to get proper suction sometimes. it’s annoying and time consuming.

Greer Rigbye (Melbourne, AU)
Trouble with suction

This pump would be a game changer for me if I didn't have such a hard time getting it to properly suction to my breasts.
When it works it's good but most times I find myself giving up because I get so frustrated not being able to figure out where the air is getting in.
I don't know, maybe I'm doing something wrong and feedback would be great 😃

lauren (Melbourne, AU)
Love Love Love

I cannot recommend the Mumilk Ella enough! As a first time mum I wanted to give my daughter the best start to life and give her breast milk for as long as possible, the Ella has helped me to easily do that for 6 and a half months and still going! The pump allows me to continue with my day whilst getting enough milk to feed my daughter.

I have pumped everywhere without anyone noticing. In the car, at the shops, even whilst having a conversation with a friend and she didn’t realise until I was taking them off. I love that are hands free, easy to use and can easily be transported to use on the go. I also have the silicon milk pouches and highly recommend. Once I finish each pump session I pour my milk into them to store in the fridge or mix each side together before filling a bottle.

I have found the customer service to be very helpful and supportive when I have emailed with questions. The Mumilk Ella is helping my expressing journey to be simple and easy I will be continuing!