Portable Double Electric Breast Pump Bundle

By Mumilk

Save more than 25% on accessories with this game-changer for nursing mums—our Bundled Portable Double Breast Pump in Australia. Designed with efficiency and comfort in mind, this double breast pump helps ensure that you can easily maintain your milk supply. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, this compact and powerful breast pump can be your partner in your breastfeeding journey, making it simpler, more manageable, and stress-free.

Key Features

  • Double Pumping Capacity: Express more milk in less time by simultaneously pumping milk from both breasts.
  • Portability: Carry and use your portable electric breast pump whenever and wherever you are with its compact and lightweight design.
  • Adjustable Suction Levels: Customise the suction strength to optimise your milk flow according to your comfort.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Don’t worry about constantly finding a power outlet with long-lasting batteries that provide multiple pumping sessions on a single charge.
  • Ease of Use: Easily operate and clean the double breast pump with its intuitive controls and simple assembly.
  • Comfortable Pumping Experience: Nurse your little one while being comfortable with the pump’s soft silicone breast shields.

What's Included

  • Electric Double Breast Pump Pick from any of our units—PRO, Original, or Ella—and experience unmatched efficiency and comfort in every pumping session.
  • Flanges Choose between 24mm or 27mm flanges to ensure a perfect fit that maximises comfort and efficiency.
  • 2 Milk Collector Shields Save every drop of precious milk with our milk collector shields, designed for a seamless collection and minimal waste.
  • 3 Silicone Storage Bags Keep your expressed milk in a clean and convenient storage bag for your next feeding session, so you’ll have a fresh supply ready whenever your little one needs it.


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 Technical Specifications


Do you need a single or double breast pump?

Choosing between a single or double electric breast pump depends on your milk supply needs, comfort, and lifestyle. If you only need to pump occasionally and prefer a more affordable option, single-breast pumps are a practical choice. However, if you need to pump more frequently and want to save time, using double breast pumps may be more beneficial as it allows you to express milk from both sides.

What is the advantage of a double pump?

The primary advantage of a double pump is efficiency. Double pumps allow you to express milk from both breasts at the same time, significantly reducing the time spent on each pumping session. This can be especially beneficial for busy mums who need to pump frequently but with limited time

Do you really need two breast pumps?

Having two breast pumps not only saves you time but also ensures you always have a pump available in case one is being cleaned or needs maintenance. This can be particularly valuable for mums who pump frequently or rely on an electric double breast pump to feed their little ones.

Is double pumping more effective?

Yes. Studies show that double-pumping is generally more effective in producing more milk in less time than single-pumping. The double stimulation from double pumps is more efficient at getting the milk-releasing hormone (oxytocin) flowing, which leads to 18% more milk output. [1] Additionally, double-pumping can help maintain your milk supply as it empties the breasts more thoroughly, signalling your system to produce more milk.

How often should you be pumping?

If you’re bottle-feeding your baby in between breastfeeding sessions, you may only need to pump a couple of times a day. However, if you’re exclusively pumping, it should be just as often as when your baby is feeding. So, if your baby eats 8 to 12 times a day, you may need to pump at least 8 times to maintain a balanced supply and demand.

How many minutes should you use an electric breast pump?

A typical pumping session lasts about 15-20 minutes, but this is no strict rule! Continue pumping until your milk flow slows down and you feel that your breasts are emptied before putting your double electric breast pump down.

How do you clean an electric breast pump?
  • Carefully disassemble the pump according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Do not place any part in the dishwasher to avoid damage.
  • Do not wash or sterilise the pumping motor, USB charging cord, and bra adjustment buckle.
  • Wash the parts with warm, soapy water and use a soft brush to remove any milk residue. 
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Air dry on a clean surface and avoid using a dish towel to dry the pump parts as it can harbour bacteria.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Georgia Sinclair (Brisbane, AU)
Mumilk pro bundle

Got my mumilk pro double pump bundle. The savers are way to slim and small where it doesn't catch any of my milk compared to my other lady bug ones I got from baby bunting. So I can't use the saver. But the pumps are pretty good. They are very big tho so have to wear a certain bra with them. But they do the job. And great to have as a hands free option. Can't use as a fulltime use tho as I find I get sores around the areaola if used to much. So have to refer back to my other pump when are home. But don't regret buying them. Still handy to have :)

Poppy Borg (Perth, AU)
Making pumping easier

I love the portableness of these pumps, I can make school lunch, do my hair and makeup, vacuum the floor and even drive all whilst pumping.
I enjoy the time I have got back not being attached to my spectra pump on a constant basis.
The different levels of suction are good and on two 15 minute cycles I’m getting enough milk for two future bottles.
My favourite is pumping on the way home from being somewhere knowing that I can give my husband the milk and I can either shower or go to bed.

Kaylee (Melbourne, AU)
Life saver!

I have a spectra at home and I really liked it but I hated having to be seated for the entire pumping session plus having to hold the flange to my breast. I always felt like as soon as I started pumping either the baby would start crying or the toddler needed something. I was so so close to giving up my breastfeeding journey just because it didn’t seem sustainable…that was until I came across wearable pumps. Literally a life saver. I can’t express how much easier everything is now that I am able to hold baby, run after the toddler all whilst still pumping. I was also able to build up my supply so much quicker using the Ella because again, I was able to pump more often!

I also really enjoy having the silicone milk storage containers, they were more handy than I expected as I now have an abundance of supply.

One thing I will say is, don’t bend over whilst pumping because the milk will come out the top of the pump, learn from my mistakes haha

Also I found the travel bag not so good? It is hard to hold as there is no handle, it also doesn’t have enough room to hold a bottle and it would be good if we could store the actual machine away from the wet pumping cups as I don’t want to damage the machines? The travel case is the only thing I don’t recommend!

Steph kelly (Melbourne, AU)
Breast pump

Love this product, best purchase ever.

Caroline Williams (Melbourne, AU)
Ella bundle

Bundle is well worth, the Ella pump is perfect, wish it was a little bit more quiet though. Otherwise it works perfect, the auto mode works best for me